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The construction industry uses three primary project delivery systems:  design/bid, design/build, and construction management.  Bath has a long history of participation in all three methods.  This section of the Bath’s website focuses on the firm’s design/build experience, but information about its experience in design/bid and construction management projects can be found elsewhere on this website.

Bath’s first contact with design/build construction came in the mid-1970’s when Bath designed several utility modules for offshore platforms in Shell’s portion of the North Sea Brent Field.  Working with a specialty contractor, Bath designed ten modules that were later installed on four offshore platforms in what was to become one of the most successful oilfield projects ever.  On the twenty-fifth anniversary of the project, Shell said: “Brent, which gave its name to the best known traded crude in the world, is Britain’s largest oil & gas producing field…Brent is a vital part of the story of North Sea oil and gas. It has some of the biggest platforms in the world, designed for one of the harshest environments in the world…100 foot waves and wind speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.  Brent was technically challenging, but a close working relationship with contractors maximized the potential of field development and resulted in cross-industry co-operation that has become a benchmark.”

Another exciting design/build project was the Wake Island Missile Launch Facility in which Bath participated in the 1990’s.  The project, located on a remote South Pacific island, provided a platform for testing a prototype missile defense system at a critical point in the nation’s history.

Working together cooperatively with contractors, Bath has participated in design/build projects for wharf renovation, military base utility systems, electrical distribution systems, world class manufacturing plants, and a host of other projects.  Bath is proud of the alliances it has built with qualified contractors to deliver quality projects to clients that select the design/build project delivery system.


  • Repair Historic Derby Wharf in Salem, Massachusetts
  • Relocation of manufacturing equipment to Utah for Hexcel Corporation
  • 5kV Electrical Reliability for Naval Station Great Lakes in Illinois
  • Relocation of Jet Engine Test Cells to Hill Air Force Base
  • Missile Launch Facility for U.S. Army Space and Strategic Defense Command on Wake Island
  • Rehabilitation of Pier at Navy Yard Philadelphia

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